The Indiana GOP war on women, the LGBTQ community, minorities, teachers and unions has to stop. The GOP is out of touch with Indiana. They have become so comfortable with their majorities; they're not concerned with the working men or women of Indiana. As your State Representative I will stand firm for what's best for all citizens of Wayne County.


The Opioid Problem


i believe that...

The epidemic of drug addiction is tearing at the fabric of too many Hoosier communities. Indiana’s opioid overdose death rate has quadrupled since 1999. Law Enforcement is doing its best, but we cannot arrest our way out of this problem. The state has to design more programs to help the addict, both through the Court system and the State Health Department.

I will work to attack Indiana’s opioid epidemic by mustering state and local agencies to track, investigate and prosecute pill mills and dealers, and prevent and treat addiction.







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Public schools are the center of urban and rural communities, alike. And Republicans have put their promise in jeopardy. Indiana is mired in a teacher shortage crisis. I currently volunteer in a local elementary school and have volunteered for a high school speech team in the past. I have seen firsthand what dedication teachers have for the students.

I will work to secure fair and adequate funding for public schools to ensure access to a balanced curriculum for all students and ensure access to highly effective teachers.  

I will work to foster an environment of trust that embraces great teachers and encourages the best and brightest to enter the teaching profession.



School Vouchers


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Public schools anchor Indiana communities. Public schools are the spark that ignites the curiosity of Hoosier children and are their ticket to a promising future. The state is trying to run two school systems in Indiana. Voucher schools have taken away millions from our local public schools. It’s time to focus on what’s best for student learning again.

I will work to end the practice of Hoosier taxpayer dollars funding private or for-profit schools.



Women's Rights


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A woman has the right to choose what she does with her body. The GOP recently passed another law in regards to abortion reporting. The GOP has no business regulating women's bodies.


I will stand with Hoosier women against legislation that further erodes any rights that have been gained and continue efforts for more protection under the law towards equality and preservation of their healthcare choices.




Hate Crimes


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Indiana needs a bill that addresses hate crimes. We are one of just five states that does not have one, which hurts our minority communities and may prevent us from attracting top candidates for positions in Indiana companies. Republican leaders at the Statehouse have invested too much time and taxpayer resources focused on divisive social issues that send an unwelcoming message to those around us.

I will work to expand the Hate Crime Bill to include our law enforcement officials, firefighters and paramedics that serve our local communities every day.